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Bulova and jeweler recommended since 1998

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Specializing in the repair and restoration of first edition Accutron 214 caliber timepieces 

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The Worlds First Electronic Timepiece


Accutron Changed Everything:

Index MechanismPrior to 1960 no wrist or pocket watch, regardless of price, had ever achieved the standard accuracy of an Accutron. Three centuries before Accutron, the "balance  wheel" and "escapement" method of timekeeping was invented, and it remained the basic technology of mechanical movements until November 24, 1960. On that momentous day, an inherently accurate timepiece with only 12 moving parts went on the market and rendered escapements and balance wheels unnecessary. In fact, Accutron is the grandfather of all modern quartz watches.By the beginning of 1961, a timepiece that separated every second into 360 equal parts could be found in stores all across the USA and around the world soon after.
The new technology was inherently accurate and even more incredible is the fact that the very finest of today's mechanical chronometers can have hundreds of moving parts and yet, the ticking of their balance wheels still can't exceed 8 beats per second.

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The Accutron 214 Caliber Movement:

The single most important distinguishing feature of Accutron 214's (1960 to 1977) is that they do not tick. Put one to your ear and you will hear the distinctive hum of the electronically driven tuning fork that is the heart of the Accutron 214 movement.

TAccutron Astronauthere's no mistaking a 214 for an ordinary vintage wristwatch. The conversion from vibratory to rotary motion is so smooth that the second hand appears to move continuously.

The 214 is the only Accutron caliber that sets by lifting a spring loaded "C" shaped lever on the back of the case, and it's also the only Accutron that has a battery hatch on the back cover that unscrews to access the battery compartment. It was the first of its kind and collectors consider them to be "First Edition" Accutrons.

Accutron 214 Parts:
Parts are the life's blood of any repair service. Many of the unique parts in a 214 are still considered to be an engineering tour de force, as were the remarkable machines that Bulova built to manufacture them.

Production of 214's ended in 1977 but, by law, Bulova was requred to supply parts for another 10 years. Sometime in the late 80's or early 90's, Bulova stopped making 214 parts and unfortunately, they scrapped all of the their specialized 214 machines. Fortunately they had enough left over inventory to continue repairing tuning fork models for several more years. Eventually, they used up their inventory of the most critical parts, and as a result, they stopped accepting 214 repairs altogether. During that time I stocked up on enough inventory to last me for decades.

All of my parts are quality checked, and covered by my one year guaranty.

Accutron 214 Repair:
All of my repairs are done by appointment only. My minimum requirement is basic service at $325 for most models plus parts and return shipping.  I make no compromises when it comes to the quality of my work and over the years I have accumulated hundreds of repeat customers, many of whom have been kind enough to provide feedback.

The Workshop:
My equipment allows me to repair or, modify case parts, and make specialized repair tools that are impossible to obtain by any other means.

Quality Assurance:
Check out my published Price List and my One Year Guaranty on parts and labor.

Very Truly Yours,
Martin Marcus



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