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Specializing In The Cleaning, Repair And Restoration of First Edition Accutron 214 Caliber Tuning Fork Timepieces.

Customer Feedback

      My name is Martin Marcus. For the past 20 years I have been repairing, restoring and selling first edition 214 caliber Accutrons.

 Several years ago, in an anonymous and completely fictional rant on a fake news website, the author, who claims to be a woman named Gretta from Bolivia South Carolina accused me of  a number of dishonest business practices and claims that another Accutron repair business, Old Father Time saved her from being victimized. The owner of the other business wrote me, and in her message which I published below, she denies ever having a customer from Bolivia S.C.

From:  []
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 5:57 PM
Subject: Martin, I have no idea who Gretta in Bolivia, NC is


No, I did not put anyone up to doing this and I have no idea at all who wrote this report about you on that site.

I have no customer named Gretta, and have never had a single customer in Bolivia, NC. If you have some idea of how to pull this stupid report, These companies have got to come to an end one day. After googling these people, it seems that they themselves are in some degree of trouble because they're being investigated for filing false reports to try to extort $2,000 out of their victims to have information redacted. Google has reports saying it's best not to rebut the reports, because somehow that leads them to try to get the $2,000 to make it all go away.

Barbara Williams

It's absolutely true that the site encourages anonymous postings and that their expert programmers make certain that links to the posts are found by search engines. That's step one of their process in which they create potential  "customers".

Clearly, there is no Gretta from North Carolina and now it seems that the real author intends to remain anonymous, but I find it interesting that Ms. Williams has refused to add the above information to the web site's fictional posting.

So who can you trust?
      Repairing an Accutron 214 requires specific knowledge, and certain unique skills which have been largely forgotten since Bulova pulled the plug on 214 production in 1977. One wrong move can destroy delicate parts in the "Index Mechanism" or the "Coil" which otherwise might have lasted for another 50 years. For that reason you should only trust an experienced repairer of  vintage Accutrons with your "Hummer".

 Accutron 214 Parts:
   Parts are the life's blood of any repair service. Many of the unique parts in a 214 are still considered to be an engineering tour de force, as were the remarkable machines that Bulova built to manufacture them, but the machines were scrapped long ago and none of the major parts in a 214 are being made by anyone today.
      Fortunately during the 17 years of 214 production there were upwards of 15 million 214's sold worldwide and working parts watches are still available. All parts obtained today are either new-old-stock from a jewelers estate, or salvaged from working tuning fork movements. Disposable parts such as gaskets and crystals are currently being made and are readily available from Bulova. I have been repairing Accutron 214's and collecting 214 parts for nearly a quarter of a century with the result that I have built up a huge inventory which is constantly being replenished.

Accutron 214 Repair:
All of my repairs are done by appointment only. My minimum requirement is basic service at $325 for most models plus parts and return shipping. Your 214 will be stored in one of my two safe deposit boxes, my insurance covers WIP (work in progress). I ship using USPS Priority Mail (fully insured) with Delivery Confirmation (tracking) (signature required at destination).

Quality Assurance:
heck out my price list:
Accutron Worksheet and my one year guarantee or two year guarantee on parts and labor. My workshop is second to none and no other Accutron specialist can match it. I make no compromises when it comes to the quality of my work and over the years I have accumulated hundreds of satisfied repeat customers who have been kind enough to provide signed feedback and I currently have three hundred + "likes" on my Accutron 214 Facebook page.

Very truly yours,
Martin Marcus

© 2002 by Martin Marcus. All rights reserved. These pages may not be copied without written consent.

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