The last 18+ months have been awful for everyone, but more so for the original owners of first edition Accutrons.

Those of you who bought your first 214 on eBay may not be aware that in October of 1960, a radically new, Accutron branded line of wristwatches was introduced to Bulova dealers and, as part of a major advertising campaign, skeletonized display watches began showing up in store windows. As a result, thousands of techies clamored to buy the display watches (later to be included in Bulova catalogs as the "Spaceview" model) and dealers were happy to oblige by ordering conversion kits. Most of those buyers were young and those who are still with us today are in the highest Covid-19 risk category.

Some people say that age is just a number, but given the threat of Covid, some numbers can be downright scary. After learning of the epidemic, I decided to stop taking additional repairs and spent the better part of a year working through my backlog.

Now that vaccines have restored some sense of normalcy, and because I now have more time to enjoy life, I have decided to permanently adopt the following changes.

I will continue to offer first-edition Accutron watches, bands, boxes, crystals, batteries, and parts for sale online and, as always, I will continue to honor all active guarantees.
I will accept repair and restoration requests only from previous customers who purchased their Accutrons during the previous five years.

Martin Marcus

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