Accutron 214 Oddities

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Custom made bezel is tigers-eye stone.
Courtesy of Marios Poumpouris

Astro-Numbered.JPG (30032 bytes)                Unusual RRf.jpg (30015 bytes)
Original Astronaut?     Railroad Approved?

I repaired both of these 214's for customers who didn't know their history. I've never seen another of either dial.

CarvedAlpha0.jpg (30004 bytes)     AlphaCarving.jpg (30040 bytes)     CarvedAlpha3.jpg (30079 bytes)     AlphaCarving2.jpg (30037 bytes)     CarvedAlpha.jpg (30010 bytes)
Custom Carved Banner
This carving was done over the serial number....hmm

Etched AlphaBottom.jpg (29716 bytes)     EtchedFrontAfter.jpg (30158 bytes)     Etched AlphaTop.jpg (30093 bytes)     Etched Alpha2.jpg (30396 bytes)     Etched AlphaLeft.jpg (32218 bytes)
Florentined Alpha
This case was professionally tooled by a goldsmith.

Another professionally Florentined Alpha

GoldNuggetBezel.jpg (30027 bytes)       GoldNuggetCase3.jpg (19931 bytes)       GoldNuggetCaseBack.JPG (30144 bytes)
Gold Nugget Case
The gold-filled case has been decorated with melted gold

Diamond Spaceview
The ultimate in personalization.
Courtesy of Tom Wigley in Windsor Colorado

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