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An Accutron 214 case gasket is a very important part which does much more than just create a seal between the cover and the bezel. When the gasket is installed the 12 specially designed inward pointing projections actually rest on a shoulder of the movement (see photos) and when compressed by the back cover they act like evenly spaced fingers which press the movement firmly against the bezel without the possibility of distortion.

                              CaseNoGasket1.jpg (30578 bytes)          CaseGasket1.jpg (30122 bytes)

The projections also serve to hold the gasket in perfect alignment with the sealing surfaces and make up for slight differences in the height of the shoulders. Note that the two projections next to the battery nest are spaced so that they complete the seal without interfering with the battery.

gasket2.jpg (30332 bytes)          gasket3.jpg (24205 bytes)         

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GasketSets.jpg (30347 bytes) 

Availability &  Price as of January 2013

(while supplies last)

 #G735 case & G736 battery GASKET SET for the 214
$35.00 + $3.00 Postage

To order please e-mail indicating the parts needed and your shipping address.  I will reply with a completed order form to send along with your payment. PayPal, Personal check, or money order accepted. Sorry, no credit cards

Personal Check: Your order will be shipped within 10 business days.

PayPal: (4% fee), Your order will be shipped within 5 business days.

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