Accutron Spaceview Crystals

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All Crystals are $75.00 with service or $95 online.

#1277S - 29.0mm Accutron Spaceview Crystal

29-0 mm 1220 Spaceview.jpg (30115 bytes)

This crystal fits these case styles.

alpha.jpg (30006 bytes)     WhiteAlpha0.jpg (30095 bytes)     AlphaSide.jpg (30001 bytes)
14K Alpha.

ScallopedLug.jpg (30056 bytes)
14K Scalloped Long Lug Bezel

Assymmetrical29-3.jpg (30252 bytes)          Assymmetrical29-1.jpg (30419 bytes)          Assymmetrical29-2.jpg (30259 bytes)          AssymSide29.jpg (30174 bytes)

Asymmetrical:  left to right: (1) Stainless w/10k gold-filled bezel ring, (2) Solid 14k gold, and (3) All stainless steel.
There are other gold inlay and gold bezel ring versions of this case.

The 29.0mm crystal fits all of the above and many converted Spaceview's. - $95.00


Accutron #1222S - 29.9mm  Spaceview Crystals

29.9mm - 1222 Spaceview.jpg (30121 bytes)

This crystal fits these case styles.
FootballFront.jpg (211245 bytes)

CrystalCases22.jpg (30081 bytes)  29-9CrystalCases2.jpg (23899 bytes)                    CrystalCases33.jpg (30228 bytes)  29-9CrystalCases3.jpg (28568 bytes)

CrystalCase4.jpg (30375 bytes)  CrystalCase44.jpg (29309 bytes)                    CrystalCases4.jpg (30163 bytes)  CrystalCases5.jpg (22550 bytes)

#1222S - 29.9mm Accutron Spaceview Crystal - $95.00
$75.00 with service

#1254AWS - 30.9mm Accutron Spaceview Crystal

1254AWS-30.9mm.jpg (30115 bytes)                    31mm - 1254AYS.jpg (24792 bytes)
White Tension Ring           Gold Tension Ring


#1254AWS - 30.9mm Accutron Spaceview Crystal - $95.00
$75.00 with service

#1270AWS - 32.7mm Spaceview Crystal with white tension ring

1270AWS-32.7mmForkAt12.jpg (30052 bytes)          or          32.7mm - 1270AWS.jpg (29990 bytes)
Fork At 12 o'clock           Fork At 8 o'clock

This crystal fits this Stainless steel case.

1270AWS-Front.jpg (30212 bytes)


#1270AW7S - 32.7mm Accutron Spaceview Crystal - $95.00
$75.00 with service

#1271AYS - 31.2mm Spaceview Crystal with gold tension ring

1271AYS-31.2mm.jpg (30097 bytes)                     1271AYS-31.1mmForkAt8.jpg (30018 bytes)
Fork At 12 o'clock              Fork At 8 o'clock

This crystal fits this gold-filled case.
1271AYS-Front.jpg (30165 bytes)
Does not fit Swiss models.

#1271AWS - 31.2mm Accutron Spaceview Crystal / $95.00 + Shipping

Custom Made #7581 Mineral Glass Crystal - unprinted

This crystal fits the Accutron Anniversary Model.
Gold-plated or stainless steel case.
AnniversaryCrystal.jpg (29955 bytes) AnniversaryCrystal2.jpg (30048 bytes) AnniversaryCrystal3.jpg (30066 bytes) annivf.jpg (30154 bytes)
This custom-cut reproduction glass crystal must be installed using the original crystal gasket

#7581 Mineral Glass Anniversary Crystal - unprinted / $95.00  + Shipping

#1245 Astronaut 31.0mm Crystal
31.0 - Astro.jpg (30152 bytes)

This crystal fits all 214 Astronaut models.

Reproduction: $45.00
Original Astronaut: $95.00

To order please e-mail indicating the parts needed and your shipping address.  I will reply with a completed order form to send along with your payment. PayPal, Personal check, or money order accepted. Sorry, no credit cards

Personal Check: Your order will be shipped within 10 business days.

PayPal: (4% fee), Your order will be shipped within 5 business days.

Shipping: USPS Insured Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

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